Composed of intertwined yarns (warp and weft), they are characterised by their weave, composition, width and weight per square metre.

Thanks to its extensive knowledge of fibres and the integration of its production facilities, Ferlam Technologies is able to offer a wide range of fabrics using a variety of E or HTC glass, Para Aramid or PAN/Para Aramid fibres.


VHTC fabric: 800 - 1,000 °C
Para Aramid fabrics 300° - 450 °C
PAN / Para Aramid fabrics: 450 - 550 °C


  • Manufacturing of heat protective items (aprons, mittens, thermal screens, etc.)
  • Heat insulation/lagging: covering of piping with heat lagging, heat insulating blankets
  • Impregnated or coated, they are used to produce rubberised gaskets (manhole gaskets)